VIRTUAL MEETING organized by
LPP, Laboratorio di Palinologia e Paleobotanica
Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita · Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia

The Gruppo di Palinologia e Paleobotanica della Società Botanica Italiana (GPP-SBI), the Association des Palynologues de Langue Française (L’APLF) and the Asociación de Palinólogos de Lengua Española (APLE) are pleased to announce that the fourth congress of the Mediterranean Palynological Societies Symposium will be held in 2021 according to an online meeting formula taking into account the current sanitary situation due to Covid-19.

The 2021 MedPalynoS aims at gathering all Italian-, French- and Spanish- speaking palynologists working on paleopalynology, archaeopalynology, aerobiology, melissopalynology, pollen biology and pollen morphology.
Waiting for MedPalynoS 2022 planned in presence at Paestum (Italy), this joint online meeting will be especially devoted to presentations by early-career researchers presenting their projects and last results in the different fields of Palynology, but all contributions will be welcomed. We are planning to have invited speakers on transdisciplinary topics and relevant experts on different palynological subjects.
We hope that this symposium will provide an opportunity for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, discussing research results in a friendly environment or pave the way for future interdisciplinary collaborations.
All the abstracts submitted to the conference will be included in the MedPalynoS 2021 abstracts e-book (registered with ISBN).

We look forward to seeing you virtually at the Symposium. In the meantime, stay healthy!


The Symposium will cover the different fields of (basic and applied) Palynology included in 4 main sessions/topics:
Topic 1: Aeropalynology
Topic 2: Pollen biology and structure
Topic 3: Melissopalynology
Topic 4: Paleopalynology-Archaeopalynology

MedPalynoS 2021 online meeting will take place on ClickMeeting webinar platform.